MARY W. SCHALLER is a native of Washington, DC [remaining staunchly non-partisan for survival]. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from the University of San Diego. She is the award-winning author of four plays, [Dramatic Publishing Co.] three non-fiction books [University of South Carolina Press] and ten historical novels [written as Tori Phillips for Harlequin Ltd.]. Publisher’s Weekly Magazine praised her work, saying, “She’s literate, witty and tells of good story.” Schaller’s novels have been translated into fourteen languages and they have collectively sold nearly three million copies worldwide. Her plays have been performed not only in the U. S., but also in Canada and in London, England. Her non-fiction books are in the permanent collections of the Museum of the Confederacy Library, Richmond, VA, and the Daughters of the American Revolution Library, Washington, DC. She lives with Martin, her husband of fifty-three years in Springfield, VA. Her hobbies include cruising the Caribbean, reading and ice skating – although not simultaneously.

Published Romances:

Written by Tori Phillips

FOOLS PARADISE [Harlequin 1996]

SILENT KNIGHT  [Harlequin 1996]

MIDSUMMER’S KNIGHT  [Harlequin 1998]

THREE DOG KNIGHT [Harlequin 1998]

LADY OF THE KNIGHT  [Harlequin 1999]

HALLOWEEN KNIGHT  [Harlequin 2000]

ONE KNIGHT IN VENICE  [Harlequin 2001]

TWELFTH KNIGHT, novella in TIS THE SEASON anthology  [Harlequin 2001]

THE DARK KNIGHT [Harlequin 2002]


Written by Mary Schaller

BELOVED ENEMY  [Harlequin 2004]

Plays Published by Dramatic Publishing Company:

Written by Mary W. Schaller

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE – one act [1983]

THE FINAL TRIAL OF RICHARD III – full length [1987]

ONCE UPON A SUMMETIME – one act [1987]

TWO HORNS AND A TALE – one act [1987]

Non-Fiction Publications:

Written by Mary W. Schaller

PAPA WAS A BOY IN GRAY: Memories of Confederate Veterans Related by Their Living Daughters   [Thomas Publications, Gettysburg, PA  2001]

SOLDIERING FOR GLORY: The Civil War Letters of Colonel Frank Schaller

               Co-edited by Martin N. Schaller [University of South Carolina Press 2007]

DELIVER US FROM EVIL: A Southern Belle in Europe at the Outbreak of World War I

               [University of South Carolina Press 2011]

Fairfax County, VA, USA



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